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Since 1927 producer of raw materials and semi instant products for the bakery industry - ice cream industry - chocolate industry.  
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DELITE B.V. is a renown name in the bakery-, ice-and chocolate industry. In southeast of The Netherlands is a factory where specialized craftsmen produce products of natural ingredient, a large assortment of raw materials of high quality and semi instant products. All these products are manufactured under a high standard of hygiene and quality.


DELITE is certified for B.R.C. A level. DELITE is an innovative and flexible partner for all your tailor made products.DELITE products are highly recommended in The Netherlands as well as in foreign countries. The export is not only limited to the European continent but they deliver also to USA and Asia.


DELITE manufactures more than 200 products which are divided in 4 groups.






Crunchy products

Fresh products

Fruit filling

Bakery powders

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