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Since 1927 producer of raw materials and semi instant products for the bakery industry - ice cream industry - chocolate industry.  
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Crunchy products... The Finishing Touch.


These are diverse sprinkle sweets like Krokella (based on puffed rice and sugar), Crunchy Hazelnut and Almond, Butterscotch and Krock Choc (Krokella coated with real chocolate in the flavours milk, dark or white). DELITE crunchy products are crunchy fresh, do not stick and have an equal grain. DELITE can offer you tailor made crunchy product.

Crunchy Hazelnut



With these 3 delightful crispy examples from the kitchen of  DELITE, we gave just a small impression of the Crunchy products we can offer.
DELITE produces over 60 different kinds of Crunchy products, suitable for every application.





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