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Since 1927 producer of raw materials and semi instant products for the bakery industry - ice cream industry - chocolate industry.  
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Fruit filling


DELITE produces apricot and plum pulp according to a traditional recipe. DELITE also produces different fruit fillings like cherries-, strawberries-, apple-, pineapple-, apricot and red fruit fillings, with whole peaces of fruit or mashed fruit.

From strict selected fresh fruit, DELITE produces fruit filling with a high percentage of whole pieces of fruit. This rich filled fruit filling is guarantied for a quick and time saving preparation of all sweet pies, bavaroise, tarts and dairy products.

DELITE fruit fillings have a long shelf life and are also bake and freeze stable.

DELITE also produces special fruit fillings in bulk packing for a quick, easy and cheap processing in the bakery industry. For the costs of these high-quality fruit filling, you don’t have to thicken the fruit yourself. A fruit filling that stands for quality, cheap and time saving preparation.







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